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The Problem
Although preventable, pinhole leak problems are common on piping systems. These problems cause distress to residents, owners, managers and on-site personnel as well as being very costly.

The Cause
The exact cause(s) of leak problems can vary. Many leak problems are caused by corrosive conditions created by hot water circulating systems. Different forms of pitting corrosion can affect cold and hot water piping. In some cases even newly repiped systems can deteriorate in a surprisingly short period of time.

The Alternative
Water-related problems can be quickly addressed with the proper installation of potable water corrosion inhibitors. Our systems routinely solve ongoing pinhole leak problems on plumbing systems. Even buildings with historically severe leak problems can be remedied without disruption to residents.

Before & After
The pipe in the "before" image shows the typical corrosion occuring on a hot water circulating system, bare red exposed unprotected copper. The pipe in the "after" image shows the results after water treatment inhibitors. The thin film deposit indicates that the corrosion has stopped. In many cases we can reduce the leak frequency to near zero in only a few months.

Corroded Copper Pipes with fixed Pin Hole Leak

How It Works
Leak Control Systems products are food-grade corrosion and scale inhibitors. More specifically, Leak Control Systems products work by one or more of the following: general film precipitation that isolates the metal from the aqueous environment (see "Before" and "After" image), and passivation of the anodic or cathodic sites.
Note: The product is effective in areas suspected of velocity-induced errosion corrosion, see "Before" and "After" image . Scale inhibition is achieved by sequestering mineral compounds.

Proven Results
There are many case histories which prove the effectiveness of a well designed corrosion control system. After installation of the corrosion control system, there is an immediate reduction in leaks, followed by a decreasing frequency of future leaks, see "Typical Results" chart. Notice that without protection, the leak frequency will increase at a higher rate causing havoc to management, residents, and NOI.

Figure 1 - Failure Expectancy Curve

For hot water installations, the Leak Control Systems dispenser is installed on the cold waterline to the water heater/boiler. The exact location of cold water line installations can vary.

Pays For Itself
With rising energy rates, hot water leaks and scaling are especially costly. Preventing ongoing leaks and the associated water/energy savings can provide a return-on-investment (ROI) in 6 to 18 months.

Leak Control Systems - Water Treatment

Water Treatment System: A system designed for use on commercial or residential properties for protection from corrosion and scaling. A bypass dispenser type water treatment system as manufactured by Leak Control Systems, Inc. Location and quanity of water treatment dispensers shall be determined by Architect or Engineer. System shall be installed to dispense products made up of items generally recognized as safe (GRAS items) under the provisions of Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 182, for the use in potable water.